Greenbone Community Edition 22.4 (stable, initial release 2022-07-25)

Greenbone Community Edition 22.4 is the current stable major release. It is the successor of GVM 21.4.

We are are using a calendar based versioning (April of 2022) and all main components have the same major and minor version.
The release was initially planned as 21.10 with a whole new scanner infrastructure but got postponed. 22.4 itself was delayed for more testing of the new feed deployment.

The Greenbone Community Edition is developed for and as part of the commercial product line Greenbone Enterprise Appliance. It is developed by Greenbone and licensed as Free Software/Open Source.

The Greenbone Community Edition is published as regularly updated source code releases of its components.

Source Code Releases

Installing Source Code

For installation from source code, it is recommended and assumed that you are familiar with the procedure to build and install software from the actual source code.

Both procedures, building from source code release and building from source code repository, follow the same common way.

After download, enter each main directory and follow the instructions in the and files.

Typically, you will need to install various missing dependencies such as development libraries and helper utilities. The configuration process tries to help you find out what is still missing.

A full comprehensive guide to build from source code can be found at the

If you run into trouble, check the category Building From Source and Advanced Topics in this forum for a solution and if you don not find one there, post your question there.

Notable Changes in this Release

Notus Scanner

  • Better performance due to less system resource consumption and thus, faster scanning
  • Replaces the logic of potentially all NASL-based local security checks (LSCs)
  • Comparison of installed software on a host against a list of known vulnerable software instead of running a VT script for each LSC
  • No need to run the LSCs because the information about the known vulnerable software is collected in one single list and not distributed in individual NASL scripts

Removed legacy features

  • Removed Business Process Maps
  • Removed task setting Network Source Interface
  • Removed user setting Interface Access
  • Removed OVAL definitions
  • Removed scanner type OSP Scanner