I want to update Openvas-scanner

Hi Team,

I use Greenbone Security Assistant in our Wintel environment. I get the following vulnerability reported in the VM report.

Report outdated / end-of-life Scan Engine / Environment (local)

Version of installed component: 22.4.0 (Installed component: openvas-libraries on OpenVAS <= 9, openvas-scanner on GVM >= 10)
Latest available openvas-scanner version: 22.4.1
Reference URL(s) for the latest available version: Greenbone Community Edition 22.4 (stable, initial release 2022-07-25)

I have two quetions.

  1. What are the steps to update the openvas-scanner?

  2. How can I take a snapshot of the existing configuration before updating the scanner, so that if something goes wrong I can revert back?

Please help me as I am new to this tool. Your help is really appreciated.

Thank you


This is a tough question for me to guess because I’m relatively new to the version compatibility of Greenbone and its various components. But It’s an interesting problem for me at the same time. (Is @GRC related to Gibson Research Consulting?).

First, since there is no Windows install for GVM, what is meant by “Wintel environment”? Are you using Docker containers installation or VMs?

Secondly, the notice says “end-of-life Scan Engine” but there is more than one scan engine in GVM now, there is the new NOTUS and the OPENVAS scan engine, so depending on which or both the notice is referring to will depend on what course of action.

Can you provide more details about your local install environment?

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