Upgrade openvas-scanner

I’ve the Detection Result:
Version of installed component: 22.4.1 (Installed component: openvas-libraries on OpenVAS <= 9, openvas-scanner on Greenbone Community Edition >= 10)
Latest available openvas-scanner version: 22.7.3
Reference URL(s) for the latest available version: Greenbone Community Edition 22.4 (stable, initial release 2022-07-25)

I’ve followed the tutorial: Building 22.4 from Source
But when I launch a new scan it’s always the same result.
How can delete the old scanner to use the new ?



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If this is a source build (and not a mixed package installation from e.g. Kali) have you tried to follow the instructions provided here:

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It’s OK
I’ve deleted old sources, reinstall and force some services plus gvmd migration due an issue on database.

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