I alway meet this issue (Report outdated / end-of-life Scan Engine / Environment (local))

This script checks and reports an outdated or end-of-life scan
engine for the following environments:

  • Greenbone Community Edition

  • Greenbone Enterprise TRIAL (formerly Greenbone Security Manager TRIAL / Greenbone Community
    Edition VM)

used for this scan.

NOTE: While this is not, in and of itself, a security vulnerability, a severity is reported to
make you aware of a possible decreased scan coverage or missing detection of vulnerabilities on
the target due to e.g.:

  • missing functionalities

  • missing bugfixes

  • incompatibilities within the feed
    Detection Result
    Version of installed component: 22.4.1 (Installed component: openvas-libraries on OpenVAS <= 9, openvas-scanner on Greenbone Community Edition >= 10)
    Latest available openvas-scanner version: 22.7.3
    Reference URL(s) for the latest available version: Greenbone Community Edition 22.4 (stable, initial release 2022-07-25)
    Detection Method
    Report outdated / end-of-life Scan Engine / Environment (local) OID:
    Version used:
    Solution Type:
    Update to the latest available stable release for your scan
    environment. Please check the references for more information. If you’re using packages provided
    by your Linux distribution please contact the maintainer of the used distribution / repository and
    request updated packages.

If you want to accept the risk of a possible decreased scan coverage or missing detection of
vulnerabilities on the target you can set a global override for this script as described in the
linked GSM manual.
i don’t know why I always get this error help me please. I use openvas 22.04. or If I need to update to 22.7 so how can I update to 22.7 (Can recommend me about docker or build from source) I already test install from kali its openvas 22.7 but it’s doesn’t work for me.
my thanks to you.

Hi @jitidij and welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

There are a few threads about this in the forum to see if you can get it working with your existing install on Kali, and information about the Community Containers and Building from Source is here: Greenbone Community Documentation though I would recommend whichever way you proceed, to try only one single type of install (distribution package or container or source build) instead or trying to do (for example) a source build over the top of
a Linux distribution package.


Now I install Kali again and I want to install from container. so if i install from container so what should i do if i want to build it becuase I already install from container but it’s doesn’t work

In the Greenbone Comminut Documentation, if I install from container is just 22.4. I want 22.6 or 22.7, Becuase i want to fix this issue (Report outdated / end-of-life Scan Engine / Environment (local))

Can you post a link to the specific page you are getting the container from? Thanks!


here is the link that I downloaded to build openvas. If you have any container 22.6 or 22.7 can u post a link for me please, I have one link but it’s still don’t work Docker
here is the link openvas 22.7 but when i build it’s failed
if you build it success please help me.
my thank to you.

Okay give it a try while following along with this video (the picture below will take you to YouTube) which should explain the steps. Also- with version numbers: This is an entire project with different things that work together as modules, so there may be different numbers for each module, but all together the current project number is 22.4.

So what you want right now is (whole project) Greenbone Community Edition 22.4
Specific module: openvas-scanner version (current version, that module number will change as things are updated, the container install should pull the latest version of the module).


The video is a guide, so there may be differences in numbering but the end goal is to have a fully current installation.

I’m going to close this as we’re now in a different install type than it started, but after getting familiar with this way (it may take more than one time trying to understand how it works) if you are still having problems you can start a new topic in the Community Containers area.