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Hello and welcome to the Greenbone Announcements category. Here you’ll find Greenbone Product and Community Release information, open job positions at Greenbone, and more. Topics in this area are started by Greenbone staff, and at times linked to a separate discussion thread.

Getting Started

Are you just getting started with Greenbone? Here you will find resources, hints and discussion from members of the Greenbone Community. If it’s your first time using Greenbone Community Edition(s) and not sure where to post, this is a good place to start.

How To

This is for intermediate to advanced usage of Greenbone Community Editions. Specific scan types, report options, and getting the most out of your installation.

Community Containers

Discussion about Community Containers released by Greenbone,
and containers released by members of the community.

Linux Distribution and External Repo Discussion

Greenbone Community Editions are included with various Linux distributions, and installation and setup may vary per distribution. It is also repackaged externally by different projects and other third parties. This is a place where community members can discuss the details and offer hints.

Building from Source and Advanced Topics

This is an advanced discussion area for people who are familiar with building applications from source code, understand concepts of modules, software libraries, etc. and are comfortable making changes to the source code and/or configurations of their systems. Included in this area are topics about working with Greenbone Management Protocol (GMP) and other advanced topics.

Vulnerability Tests

Vulnerability tests (VTs) are executed by a scanner and detect vulnerabilities of various kind.
VTs also detect services, products etc. and gather policy compliance information.

Greenbone Professional Edition

The Greenbone Professional Edition is our product line for on-premises solutions.

Greenbone Cloud Services

Greenbone Managed Service Platforms are operated by Greenbone Partners acting as Managed Service Provider (MSP) where virtual MSPs can configure their style and offerings for vulnerability scanning/management and beyond to customers.

Security Chat

Discussion about vulnerability management concepts, good security practices, vulnerability items in the news and more.

Community Discussion and Feedback

Do you have questions about the new Community Portal and Forum, or something you’d like to see? Or not sure where to post? Ask about it here.


Archive is a read-only category for old or out-of-date topics, but can still be useful for reference purposes.