How to upgrade Greenbone from version 22.4.0 to 22.4.1

Dear Greenbone community,

I just noticed the recent upgrade from Greenbone 22.4.0 to 22.4.1, whem my new scans showed as “High” due to the end-od-life Scan Engine.

And I checked the three links below regarding the updates and changes:

I have a few concerns about it, hopefully you can help me on them.

  1. I would like to move forward with an upgrade in my current environment, I installed GVM 22.4.0 from source in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. So, should I use this guide from scratch (from the first step) to upgrade in the same environment? Or should I start in a step in specific?

  2. If I move forward with the upgrade in the same environment, my data is going to stay there? I have a lot of information in my machine and I hope I don’t lose it.

  3. If I decide to start GVM 22.4.1 in a new server. Is it possible export the data from my first server with GVM 22.4.0 and then import it in the new one 22.4.1? If yes, how should be this done?

I really appreciate your time on this matter. Thanks!


Hello, please someone answers and do a step-by-step on how to update. Thank you.

I did the upgrade using Building 22.4 from Source guide, starting from step " Choosing an Install Prefix" to step " notus-scanner".
I also did the " Adjusting Permissions" step, and run “sudo gvmd --migrate” command to update database version.
Then “sudo systemctl daemon-reload” to restart all services.
it works fine, I didn’t lost my data (scans, reports, configs,…) !
Hope this can help, but don’t forget to snapshot your VM before starting the upgrade !


Updating a component of Greenbone installed from the source code is the same process that you would use if you were going to adjust the source code with some updates and re-compile the component to test it. The only difference is that when you are modifying the source code yourself you will not pull the most recent tarballs from the GitHub repository, but when doing the update you will need to pull those updated repositories.

You can simply just follow the build and install process for that specific component from the installing Greenbone from the source code guide and re-install only that component. Depending on which component you are updating you may need to adjust the permissions for the files related to that component.

Of course, keep a backup of your database or the entire system if possible just in case! :smiley: