No way to get any result/report from target host


I’m a newbie regarding OpenVAS that I have installed on a kali-linux VirtualMachine.

My Kali VM and my target VM=WindowsServer2008R2 are both on the same network (;
they can ping together also.

  1. I created a target with IP address => IP of WinServer VM
  2. I created a task using this target (scan config= full and fast)
  3. scan start (play button) : “done” after less than 30s and no results (empty) ! why ?

I have tried to declare a credential (WindowsServer local admin account) but I don’t know which mode to use : SSH, SMB … ? which one ?
I don’t understand how it could be possible for OpenVAS to scan a windows machine if not logged on it first ! I have also deactivated the Windows firewall… but it doesn’t help

Basically, how can we manage to run a scan onto a Windows machine ?
Thanks for your support :wink:


the system probably wasn’t detected as “Alive” so the scanner has stopped the scan a few seconds later. For this as well as the questions about the credentials you can check the following two items:

  1. Hint: Hosts are not scanned / not shown as "Alive"

  2. Hint: Verify target configuration / access for authenticated (LSC) scans

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