No post scan results

I installed OpenVAS on the ESXI server in scada network without internet access. I opened a one-time internet access and did a feed update. feed update finished. I’m scanning in a classic way, the scan ends successfully, I see “done”. but there is nothing in the results. Im waiting for your support.

I’m running
Greenbone OS 4.2.24
ESXi 6.7 and later (VM version 14)
Ubuntu Linux (64-bit)


did you take a look at these topics and did you try any of the suggestions?

If not, please try to provide more information like:

  1. What scan config did you use?
  2. Is there any suspicious log entry?

The problem discussed here is most likely caused by either the problem described in a second thread created by @akifkeskin in I see a warning when I connect to the console or by one of the threads linked above.

To avoid having duplicated posts open about similar issues i’m closing this thread for now. Please let me know if the problem persists after solving the issue in the other thread and after reviewing the resources previously given and we could re-open this topic again.