How to upgrade newly installed GSM TRIAL to latest


Noobie here.

I installed the latest CE ISO yesterday and according to the documentation, if I download the latest feed (which I’ve done), I should see options for upgrading the OpenVAS system if upgrades exist. I can’t find the option to upgrade my system. Am I looking in the wrong place? Is there another step that I need to take in order to be able to upgrade?



you can always find the latest available version of the Greenbone Community Edition at the following link (linked in About the Greenbone Professional Edition category): (See the “Download Now” text/link).

There you can see two things:

  1. The GCE is currently at 4.2.20 which is matching your downloaded version.
  2. If a new version of the GCE is published you need to download and install from a fresh .iso as shown in the “The Features of GSM and GCE are tailored to the environment” table:
GSM (professional environments) GCE (SOHO environments)
System Update Contains Security Updates, can update from any version to latest release, Grace Periods for EoL and LTS, Migration of data and configurations between appliances and versions Not available

@cfi that will work if there is an export import function for the scans/reports etc. Is that functionality available, I dont see it.


Anyone have a comment here? How doe we export import?

For fully automatic data migration, the GSM TRIAL offers only the possibility to export data. See Copying Data and Settings to Another GSM with Beaming.

The import feature is limited to our commercial appliances.

You can still export and import individual scan reports however.