Getting message Report outdated / end-of-life Scan Engine / Environment (local), how do I update the scan engines?

Here is the body of the message in my scan report:

This script checks and reports an outdated or end-of-life scan engine for the following environments: - Greenbone Source Edition (GSE) - Greenbone Security Manager TRIAL (formerly Greenbone Community Edition (GCE)) used for this scan. NOTE: While this is not, in and of itself, a security vulnerability, a severity is reported to make you aware of a possible decreased scan coverage or missing detection of vulnerabilities on the target due to e.g.: - missing functionalities - missing bugfixes - incompatibilities within the feed

Detection Result

Installed GSM TRIAL / GCE version: 21.04.4 Latest available GSM TRIAL version: 21.04.9 Reference URL: Free Trial - Greenbone Networks

Detection Method


Solution Type:


Update to the latest available stable release for your scan environment. Please check the references for more information. If you’re using packages provided by your Linux distribution please contact the maintainer of the used distribution / repository and request updated packages. If you want to accept the risk of a possible decreased scan coverage or missing detection of vulnerabilities on the target you can set a global override for this script as described in the linked GSM manual.

I’m very new to this, so how do I go about updating to the latest version/scan engine? When I set up GSM, I downloaded their virtual machine file and loaded that onto one of my ESXi hosts and manage it from there.

You currently need to re-install the newest version of the GSM Trial. Please see the following topic for more info:

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So if I’m understanding this correctly, if I’m using the GSM Trial on a VM, I’d have to re-install from the 21.04.9 image, and then recreate assets and scans? I haven’t played with beaming images, but I’m assuming this could be used to backup/restore current configs to the new image, right?

ETA: While you can download a beaming image from the GSM Trial, it doesn’t appear that you’re able to import that image into the new instance of GSM Trial. Guess it’s time to recreate the assets and scans manually.

Yes, it seems this is currently expected:

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