Possible bug report and GOS 5.0.6 to 5.0.10 upgrade

Hello everyone!
I have an install of the free VM of 5.0.6. I had it powered off for a couple of weeks. I power it up again and the IP changes… forgot to reserve the IP. Well through the web front end I lost all configuration. All tasks, reports, configuration and such was gone. All logins were gone except admin…

shut it down, and get the IP reservation for the old address and reboot it. All of the configuration returned.

I am curious if someone would duplicate the issue.

Also I was going to try upgrading from 5.0.6 to 5.0.10 and there does not appear to be a method using the ISO image for 5.0.10… Does anyone have upgrade instructions?

Thank You,

Are you sure you connected to the right installation / appliance ? We never saw this in the field.

Just for your information, you can´t upgrade via ISO you need to use the internal Update-Feature from your Greenbone Appliance, if you use a GCE you need to re-install you GCE.

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This is also mentioned / described in a pinned thread in the GCE category:

Thank You everyone. the bug seemed strange. the console showed users but the web gui did not. once I changed the IP back to the orig, things looked good.