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I was looking at trying out the GSM OpenVAS in a VM. I was wondering if there is a difference between choosing my own distro and installing openvas manually or by just downloading the Trial VM?

Are their features i wont get in the trial vm that i can download vs doing the full install myself?



This is similar to Help updating feeds on Greenbone Enterprise TRIAL 22.04.3 and Trial 22.04.3 Multiple questions

Do these threads answer your questions?

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Not quite. My question relates to if i were to set up my own server, lets say ubuntu server 22.04, then install openvas manually, would there be a difference in features when comparing it to the GSM Trial vm that can be found on the greenbone website.

I would get the same community feed but is there anything else that would be difference as far as the UI is concerned? or even scanning options.


Yes of course. The Greenbone Enterprise TRIAL is a Greenbone Product that features our Greenbone OS with a terminal UI for the whole setup and configuration. As a trial version of our software it misses some features of our enterprise products as Martin listed at Trial 22.04.3 Multiple questions - #2 by Martin

Using the Greenbone Community Edition you need to setup most things by yourself for example SMTP. But all features that are not Greenbone OS related like backup are available.


Thanks for the reply! exactly what i needed.