Trial 22.04.3 Multiple questions

I am running the 22.04.4 trial on Vmware. I do understand the trial version offers a “limited feature set” but would like to know
a) if there is some kind of link which describes what the trial can NOT Do. I am asking about what CANNOT be done because when reading the manual here I am missing some sub menus items Example to get root access, according to manual should be Advanced//Support//Superuser but in my Advanced//Support I do NOT have Superuser; I have only “shell” as submenu or to gnerate a new CSR according to manual Setup//Services//HTTPS//Certificate, I dont have “Certficate” option in the HTTPS Menu.
b) Is 10 characters a minimum when setting up a minimum length as part of password policy in the setup//User//Users menu. I was trying 8 and getting “the given input is invalid” and seem to have found 10 as part of some trlal & error…

We do not have such an overview for the Greenbone Enterprise TRIAL, no.

As a basis, you can have a look at what the Greenbone Enterprise ONE, our smallest commercial appliance, supports here: 3 Greenbone Enterprise Appliance – Overview — Greenbone Enterprise Appliance 22.04.4 documentation

The TRIAL supports less than that. Off the top of my head, the following features are missing compared to the Greenbone Enterprise ONE:

  • less RAM and less CPU cores
  • no GOS upgrade
  • no GMP (API) service
  • no HTTPS certificate management
  • no alerts and no schedules in the web interface
  • no host- and domainname configuration
  • no logs menu
  • no superuser

Yes, 10 is correct. This is not intuitive at all, I’ll raise an internal issue to improve this, at least in our documentation. Thanks for pointing that out!

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Thanks so much for your detailed anwser. I maked it as a solution.
a) thanks for listing those out. I was going crazy…
b) Thought it might be helpful to others. Indeed, it is not intuitive…

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