Help updating feeds on Greenbone Enterprise TRIAL 22.04.3

I did downoload and install the GSM Community 22.04.3 OVF on an ESXI.
Firewall has been configured to allow Greenbone traffic and is able to do a wget on google’s page for example.
However, the issue I am having is related to the feed updates.
When updating them manually, the status changes to update in progess… then back to 26 days old.
I tried looking in the /var/log folder but the files are owned by root and I cannot read them with the admin user.
I am stuck and am unsure what to check.
Any assistance would be appreciated.

The images downloadable from are not Community images. They are trial versions for our Greenbone Enterprise Appliances.

We have a comprehensive manual for our appliances which can be found for the 22.4 release at

For displaying the logs you can take a look at

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Also some general advice:

First, please make sure that your Greenbone Enterprise TRIAL is directly connected to the internet and that it can resolve the domain name Using a proxy or VPN to access the Greenbone Community Feed is not supported.

Second, to prevent abuse of our free service, we limit the number of connections to the Greenbone Community Feed server. If you make more than 10 connections from the same IP address within 1 minute, or if you try to connect multiple times in parallel, the IP address will be blocked for 24 hours. If this is the case, try again after 24 hours.


Thanks for your reply.

My understanding is that the Greenbone Community Edition (GCE) has been renamed and that it is now the Greenbone Security Manager (GSM ) TRIAL which is offered. This free GSE uses the Greenbone Community Feed instead of the Greenbone Entreprise Feed. I am reading here and here

Regarding the logs, in the advanced menu, I have only Support, Subscription and Copyright & lisence information, ie 3 menus. I do NOT have the logs menu.

I know this is a bit confusing but let me explain that in detail. The initial Greenbone Community Edition Virtual Machine (GCE VM) was renamed to Greenbone Security Manager TRIAL (GSM TRIAL) two years ago because it never was some community thing. It always was a trial version of our product.

After a lot of discussions we came to the conclusion that our used terms are very misleading and using abbreviations even worsen the situation. Therefore we choose to stick with two name now:

  1. Greenbone Enterprise (all things based on our commercial products)
  2. Greenbone Community (all things open source and community related)

Therefore the GSM TRIAL is renamed (again) to Greenbone Enterprise Appliance TRIAL (not GEA TRIAL. Using an abbreviation was a mistake which is fixed now.) The Greenbone Enterprise Appliance TRIAL uses our Greenbone Community Feed as always. You can request a test key for our Greenbone Enterprise Feed that can be used with the TRIAL.

Greenbone Vulnerability Management (GVM), Greenbone Source Edition (GSE), Greenbone OpenVAS actually where very difficult to differentiate and are now under the same umbrella called Greenbone Community Edition. All Open Source things are just Greenbone Community now. I’ve tried to summarize that at Background - Greenbone Community Documentation


Thanks so much for your comprenshive answer.
May I please ask if
a) The trial demo is limited in time or it is the requested trial key which would last 14 days
b) If there is some link describing the “limitations” of the trial such as SNMP, Certificate…

The TRIAL itself is not limited in time. You can use it as long as you want. If you receive a testing key for our enterprise feed this key is only limited to 14 days of usage. But there is one major limitation for the TRIAL to mention, you can’t update a TRIAL to a newer Greenbone OS release.

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