Where do I find ready-made GVM11 packages available via yum package manager?

I want to listen to your advice, installGreenbone Vulnerability Manager 8.0.1 or Greenbone Vulnerability Manager 9.0.0?

Take gvmd 9 and the corresponding other components such as GSA 9 etc., because a lot changed and this is the most recent version. Be aware that you’ll need ospd and ospd-openvas as well.


I can’t source installations, so I want to use yum install, but I can’t find which yum warehouse to provide the latest version of GVM-11,can you help me?

Hi @wain,
using the magnifying glass in the upper right corner I just typed “yum” – whoa, it reacts really quickly – and then tried “yum repository”, just trying to help you find something (I used to run RedHat before but don’t run a RH, Fedora or clone of it currently).
So I very quicky found this Gvm-migrate-to-postgres: Database version not supported and think it might contain valuable information which could be useful for you in one way or another.

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It means I only through the atomic repository installation, but atomic version does not provide GVM - 11

Here is someone who tried on fedora, did you already read this topic?:

The solution was to contact the packaging people and file a bug or request.
Did you already try this with your “yum packages supplier”?

Did you contact CentOS, RH or Fedora or whoever built the Linux distribution you use? What did they reply?

Or maybe you can pay some developer to build these for your datacenter, or for the community at large?

I’m afraid that unless you succeed with one of these options, you will have to wait until somebody somewhere does it and tells about it in way that it might reach you (maybe here, indeed).

I guess this topic should be split, because the subject morphed into “Where do I find ready-made GVM11 packages available via yum package manager?”

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