Verify if authenticated scans worked?


Is there a way to check if authenticated scans were successful, on Windows and Linux devices? Can someone point me to the documentation if it exists? Thank you!

@rgarza4 check the plugin output and logs from servers.


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Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a “plugin output” for credential scans. I went through the documentation, did a search for plugin and the only thing they have a plugin for, if for “timeout plugin”.

Ill start a new topic, thanks anyways.

@rgarza4 it will say it runs even the authenticated scan plugin in the output.

for windows it’s something like smb-- plugin.


what output?

@rgarza4 on “report”


@rgarza4 During the scan please check what plugins are used. (from gvm logs)

Usually its best way to set own sandbox and use it to debug out the main issue.


Info how to check if the authentication was successful and the target was configured correctly is available here: