Follina Not Detected

Anyone else not seeing Follin CVE 2022-30190 after running scans, when you know you are vulnerable to it?

clear. ^^^^^^^bump.

Are you running authenticated scan?


Yes, unless it is configured incorrectly. Do you know where i can find documentation on authenticated scans? Does greenbone community have a way of verifying if your supplied creds work? I know Rapid7 and Nessus has this feature. Thanks!

@rgarza4 well. maybe this documentation helps: 10 Scanning a System — Greenbone Enterprise Appliance 21.04.18 documentation

You probably see from plugin output(s), if authenticated scan is working.


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Thanks, ill check it out!

This did not help unfortunately, it doesnt cover how to verify if creds were successful.

Discussion on how to verify if authentication was successful was continued here:

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