Unable to schedule tasks for GCE

I have Openvas 9 on Greenbone OS 4.2.24 using the VM supplied via openvas.org.
In previously version you can schedule tasks to run at specific dates, times etc but on this version the schedule option is not available on the Configuration menu and doesn’t appear in Task settings.

How do I turn scheduling on ?

If not, is there a new version of Open VAS that will have scheduling enabled, or can i schedule scan via crontab via the cmd line?

Also, is it possible to change the server/web certificate to so I can use a certificate that matches to name for my openvas website?

An answer about the availability of the Schedules functionality was given in an existing topic linked below. To avoid having multiple threads about the same question open i’m closing this one as a duplicate.

For the second question please create a new thread or have a look at the documentation for the GCE available at https://docs.greenbone.net/GSM-Manual/gos-4/en/.