Menu items "Alerts"/"Schedules" missing in Greenbone Community Edition (v 4.2.24)


given a GCE installation v4.2.24, the menu “Cconfiguration” does not contain the items “Alerts” and “Schedules” which are available in GSE. Is this a rights issue? Or is this a bug/are they missing on purpose?
I tried it as Admin, Super Admin and as a regular user. It isn’t available anywhere. Despite this, the role user even explicitly is given the rights “create_alert” and “create_schedule”.


This is NOT supported by the community edition. You need to buy an appliance to get this features with a full integration on GOS and support. Within GSE it does not work out of the box you need to install lot of different tools to get it working completely like in GOS.

The following table of confirms the statement from above:

GSM (professional environments) GCE (SOHO environments)
Alarms, Schedules Via Email, via HTTP, via SMS, via connector to a SIEM or Ticket system. complete scheduling possible Not available

A detailed comparison and a list of differences between the Greenbone products can be found here