Unable to download PDF report

Hi Team,

I am new to openvas and Greenbone security assistant, I have installed openvas in rhel 7. I am able to add the target and scan it, also i am able to see the results in CSV format but unable to see the results in PDF. PDF file is empty .

So kindly help me how to resovle it. I need the reports in PDF format.

When choosing the category for a topic please try to have a look at the category description for each category first:

The current used category is/was https://community.greenbone.net/c/vulnerability-tests (Description: About the Vulnerability Tests category) which is about vulnerability tests (the so called “NASL scripts”).

As download of reports and similar topics are completely unrelated to the vulnerability tests itself the category https://community.greenbone.net/c/gse (Description: About the Source Edition (GSE) category) needs to be chosen.

I have moved the topic to the correct category for now.

I am sorry, thanks for correcting it.

Did you install pdflatex as mention in the documentation ?

Prerequisites for generating PDF reports:
* pdflatex

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No i haven’t installed, so is it necessary to install this package…? This package is not available with openvas packages which i installed .

[root@test ~]# rpm -qa |grep -i pdflatex
[root@test ~]#

But i can see there is a command called pdflatex

You need to find the packages on your operating system providing this binary. The ones for Debian are documented since a few months in the INSTALL.md as well:

On rhel 7 there’s texlive-latex that contain latex format, but I’m not sure that it’s working.
You should check on internet to get pdflatex on rhel 7.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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Below are the rpms already insalled. Still its not working

root@test ~]# rpm -qa|grep -i texlive-latex

check out https://www.linuxincluded.com/installing-openvas-on-centos-7/ in the “Configuring PDF Reports” section, maybe it can help you


Wow, cool it worked thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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Glad you made it, have fun :slight_smile:

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