Unable to generate PDF reports

Hello People,

We are unable to generate pdf reports on open vas, the other reports work just fine but not the pdf. I tried reinstalling the “texlive-latex-base” package to see if that was curropted but it doesnt seems to change anything. Please help. I have a “Debian GNU/Linux 9 \n \l” on which OPenVas is installed. It is Always generating a blank pdf.


The current used category is/was https://community.greenbone.net/c/gce (Description: About the Community Edition (GCE) category) which is about the downloadable ready-to use virtual machine.

Based on your posted issue it seems you have an own installation either build from source or installed via 3rdparty repositories. For such installations the https://community.greenbone.net/c/gse (Description: About the Source Edition (GSE) category) needs to be chosen.

I have moved this question to the correct category for now.

Additionally i’m closing this issue as a duplicate of the topic below. Please follow up there if you have further questions.