The scan is complete export report in PDF format is wrong





It looks like gsad doesn’t respond. If you use the GSE make sure that the gsad process is running.
It might be problem with yum, though, even though the installation went well. In that case you would have to contact the packager at Yellow Dog Linux.

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Can download now, but the file size is 0 k, and can’t open it

In that case you are running an old version of gvm_10. I fixed the empty report download with

Please contact your packager to update the the packages accordingly.

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And also take a look at some hints here

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In this way the PDF can already opened
I have another problem
I install is to perform “yum install gvm ” not“yum install greenbone-vulnerability-manager”
The same effect?

This depends on your used Linux distribution. We can’t answer that questions.

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