Subscription key on greenbone os GOS

hi, i downloaded greenbone operating system , and i setup everything except for the subscription key, i sent an email to
however the only thing they told me was:"
Your support request will be processed by a Greenbone Support staff.

If you already have a GSF-key (Subscription Key) and did not specify it in your request, please notify us this yet.

Until GOS 3.1 you can display the key via the command “show customer” on the GSM console.
After GOS 4.0 and later you can see the Key behind the “About” entry at the GSM console Menu."
i dont have the subscription key no where in my operating system
although i can go to the http://localhost and find every thing good , but when i do a scan no result was found … i watched a lot of vds with no results.
thank you for your help :heart::heart:

To get support you need to buy a subscription key from a Greenbone Reseller, otherwise the GSM Trial is a trial of our appliances.

Please check the FAQ for Trial limitations.

With the Subscription-Key you will get:

  1. Greenbone Security Feed (for Enterprise Environments) and not the Greenbone Community Feed(good for SOHO use).
  2. Support via Mail/Portal/Telefone
  3. Hardware exchange free of charge if your hardware appliance has a hardware failure.

Further Information are available here:

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