Slow NVT Sync SPeed

Hi everyone,

For the last couple of weeks i have been trying without success to sync NVTs, but max speed is ~5KB/Sec, and its taking more than 24hs to complete. Is my IP being throttled? I could provide my public IP to admins to verify.

This is my first time posting here :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

@the.matranga it’s working fine on my virtual machines. ask from your firewall admin?


HI. I’m new here and i do also have the Problem that the download rate is max 5KB/s.
This is quite frustrating because an initial Setup of openvas will take nearly a complete week. Is there some kind of initial archive for the feed, scap, cert and data which can be downloaded seperatly ? Perhaps via torrent so the initial part won’t take so long ?

@Bond_Bart sounds like your firewall or network is bad. You can do the initial rsync on digital ocean virtual machine and just copy files and then just resync.

Whole install on digital ocean virtual machine takes about hour including the compiling the software.

I usually use di machine that contains: 16G ram, 8 cpu and 320G ssd.

If needed then I can just provide initial feed sync with “tar.gz” format…


Hi Eero. Thanks for your reply. In fact i can download the Kali iso image with the speed of 10MBytes/Sec. So the connection is not completely bad. It is only the sync with the greenbone Servers which takes so long. The tar.gz files are a quite good idea. It should be a general option to get a place where these archives can be downloaded, perhaps via torrent. This would also take some load of the rsync servers because new setups wouldn’d cause more network traffic. I’m not sure which big archive will be the next. I think the nasl files are finished by now and the cpe files are at the official_cpe_dictionary_v2.2.xml.

I missed to mention that the cpe files should also be compressed and not in original form. i mean the official_cpe_dictionary has a size about 400 MBytes which will be about 20MBytes after compression

Well. I think that rsync does the compression on the fly.

My test setup from scratch to working scanner takes about one hour and that includes the rsync…


@Bond_Bart @the.matranga mirror of plugins is located at:

just unpack and do resync to get it faster up and running. looks like scap data is also bit. need to mirror it also.


@Bond_Bart tested your idea on my installation script. using cached versions of scap and nvt makes installation about 50 minutes faster as rsync works really fast.

thanks for idea :slight_smile:

Thanks for the archives. I’m now through with the setup script. Actually i’m stuck where the gvmd.log tells me “openvas ist still starting”. But that’s something else. Thanks for your help.

hi @Eero, Can you please tell what variable to change for the installation script? @Bond_Bart’s idea sounds as a good short term solution.

As for the speed limit, i have tested directly connected to the router no filtering, everything else is 150Mbit/s just the sync is stuck at 5KB/s which looks like an issue/throttle servers side, for my IP at least.


@the.matranga well, my installation scripts for debian 11 are located at:

it’s simple onliner ansible script to install add needed stuff automagically.


@Eero Thanks a lot, mirrored plugins and scripts helped. i managed to offline sync it with local files

Hi all! :slight_smile:

For those of you getting slow syncs, could you please post which version of Greenbone Openvas you are using and your operating system? And please PM me with your IP address so I can pass this onto the developers to check. Thanks!

Could you please also provide the gvmd-data files ?
A sync doesn’t sync anything and the directories are empty.
A scan tells me that a port_list is missing.

Hi @Bond_Bart,

We’d like to look into why you are getting slow speeds when trying to do the initial syncs. What version of Greenbone Openvas are you using, which operating system and install method you used, and if you are comfortable with it, you can message me with your IP address so we can check from our end. Thanks!

hi DeeAnn, thanks for checking this issue.

Openvas version:
Greenbone Vulnerability Manager 21.4.5
Manager DB revision 242

Distributor ID: Kali
Description: Kali GNU/Linux Rolling
Release: 2022.2
Codename: kali-rolling

I’ll PM the IP.


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@Bond_Bart ok. later today…

Great. Thanks

Hi DeeAnn
Good Idea. My setting is
kali linux 2022.2
openvas is installed by apt and the release is GVM-21.4.3
The IP will come by PM

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