Scan Interrupted at 0 %

Hi all,
just installed Greenbone and tryied to perfomrm some scan.
Only one was completed, but others scans stopping at 0%

Where can diagnose this error?

Scan Status|Interrupted at 0 %|
Hosts scanned|1|


You can see any errors that occured in the tab “Error messages” of the scan report:

If further troubleshooting is required, take a look at the log files which are usually at /var/log/gvm in the respective containers. Most problems can be diagnosed best by looking at /var/log/gvm/gvmd.log on the gvmd container.

Many thanks!


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No problem :slight_smile: Here’s a post about this issue that might be of help for you.

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Yeah, I also find it and now trying to add Firewall Rule (I m running appliance on VitualBox on my Windows PC). But seems still not working. I will check in deep.

It’s possible that the system is still updating feeds. So I will update you ASAP.

Solved after the system completed the feeds update.

Tnx to all.