Scan config are available 7 minutes after the installation

Hello guys :wave:. I’m using the Community container on my VM for my automated tool. I want to be able to launch the VM every time I want to launch the tool and use it directly. However, when the container starts (at the same time as the tool), the scan configuration is not available.

After a few tests, it seems that scan configurations appear naturally after 7 minutes.

Do you know if there’s a way to make them appear earlier?

You can keep the postges container running. That should improve the loading times on the gvmd side. Additionally you should keep the redis-server container running. That will improve the startup of the scanner.

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If I understand, the OP correctly, you are using multiple layers of virtualization; the Docker containers inside of a traditional full hypervisor-based VM such as Oracle VirtualBox or VMWare. If that is the case, you could install from source code inside the VM instead of using the Docker containers inside the VM, or else just run the Docker containers on the bare-metal OS and as Bricks said, keep the PostgreSQL container running.

Hello and thank you for your answers.

Firstly, I think that keep running the container is not compatible with what I want to do. The tool I’m creating is using the GVM scanner but not only and I want the tool to be used just by launching the VM, opening a terminal and then launching the tool. After the scan the VM will be close.

Secondly, you’re right @rippledj. I currently have installed the docker container inside of an Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Virtual Machine running with Virtual Box. My goal is to give the Virtual Machine to users so they can use the tool on various platform (Windows, Linux or other).

I still didn’t considered the raw installation from source code, because I thought it was more complex and not compatible with my needs. But I will try it. Is it still possible with the Source Code installation to use python-gvm to run the scan ? And don’t it take the whole VM like it does with the Virtual Machine provided here Greenbone Enterprise TRIAL 14 days for free - Greenbone ?

Yes it is.

Great, I will try it and see if it works.

Ok guys, it seems to work way better.

But I have another problem (that I had before but I just noticed it).

It seems that the results I have from my VM Scan are different than the one I have with this VM Greenbone Enterprise TRIAL 14 days for free - Greenbone.

My VM have same network configuration than the Greenbone one.

Have you any idea why the results are so different ?

Edit : it seems that the port aren’t found by Openvas. But when I do a nmap scan on the target I find all the ports

Please try to not mix different questions in a single posting and create separate topics for each. This makes it way more easier for anyone and will avoid confusion in the future.

This is a good question with a very legitimate answer that deserves its own thread. The simple answer is that the Enterprise feed includes more vulnerability tests than the Community feed.

Alternatively, you can view a comparison between Greenbone service platforms.

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Oh ok I understand. But I think I still can see some vulnerabilities. Here my scan don’t find any port on the target. I think there is another problem.

Please post your additional concerns or questions in a new post. :slight_smile:

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