No ports were found when running the analysis from the VM

Hello everyone,

As I explain in this other topic Scan config are available 7 minutes after the installation, I just installed the GVM from source on an Ubuntu 22.04 virtual machine running on VirtualBox.

The problem is, when I launch a scan with a Full and Fast scan configuration on a metasploitable target, the GVM can’t find any port open. But When I launch a scan with system discovery, 20 ports are found. The fast is if the Full and Fast scan don’t find port, it don’t test vulnerabilities.

Do anyone know if there is a way to configure (the VM or the Scan) so it can see all the open ports ?

So, to confirm. Are you executing a Full and Fast scan and a System Discovery scan from the same VM? Are the alive tests configured the same for both the F&F and the Sys Discovery scans?

The consider alive option can be set for each scan to deactivate all alive host detection and run all tests against the target. However, there is likely something preventing the F&F scan from detecting services such as a dynamic Firewall or IPS?

Yes F&F and System Discovery scan are from the same VM.

I just checked and yes both alive test are the same “Scan Config Default”

Sorry, I’m not at a system where I can check this and I don’t remember off-hand, but are the default alive test the same for F&F and System Discovery? Check the F&F and check that it’s set to something TCP such as TCP-SYN

For both System Discovery and F&F, there is a line in Network Vulnerability Test Preferences where TCP ping tries also TCP-SYN ping is at “No”.

But I’m wondering why the F&F test has good results when I use the VM supplied by Greenbone and I get nothing when I use my VM with the installation from source code.

There could be several reasons. Are the VTs fully loaded into your source code Greenbone installation? What does the feed-status page show?

All the status are at “Current”. I synchronised them yesterday with greenbone-feed-sync and greenbone-nvt-sync

You should also check to verify that the port lists are set the same.