Question on OpenVAS

Hi Team,

I have question on High Level Design on OpenVas
Would like to know how risk is this Openvas?
Would like to know how recommendation is this Openvas?



I am sorry I can’t understand what you are asking for. Please elaborate your questions in more detail. Maybe we are able to answer them afterwards.


Would like to know overall High Level Design for Openvas? How this process works internally?
Am not talking about the GSM.

I am talking only the Openvas.

Some background can be found at

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I have already gone through the GVM-10, but I am looking for only Openvas.

On Business point of view how this Openvas works internally? I need to prepare documentation for the same and address this to our management.

GVM is OpenVAS as it was known before. We just rebranded OpenVAS to be the name of the scanner only

So what do you mean by OpenVAS?

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Thanks for the information.

I have installed Openvas packages on Centos Machine and disabled selinux accordingly.
OpenVAS Scanner 6.0.0
greenbone-nvt-sync 8.0.0
After the installation has been completed, wherein I could browse the url accordingly.

My question over here do we have GVM architecture and documentation for the same.

Sorry I don’t get what you are asking for.

The packagers of your CentOS packages took our so called Greenbone Source Edition (GSE) of GVM and provided it to you. Greenbone isn’t developing nor providing packages for any distribution besides our own Greenbone OS (GOS) used in our GSM products. We are developing GVM as free software.

Please take a look at for some clarification about the terms and names.