OpenVAS not picking up missing 3rd party patches (e.g. Windows/Adobe)

My OpenVAS scanner does not detect any missing 3rd party patches (e.g. outdated Adobe PDF, outdated Google Chrome, missing Windows/Microsoft KBs).

I have a dedicated credential (service account) for the scanner to authenticate to machines on my network (via SSH, SMB, and ESXi, which are the only 3 authentication options. SNMP is a 4th option but we do not have that enabled).

That SA is not disabled and the password is up to date. However, when I go into scan results, I notice that authentication is never successful, which leads me to believe that this is a port issue of some sort?

(See attached image, noticeably the “X’s”).
Image 1

I also checked the Scan Configs and under “General” settings, 3rd party patches are selected in the scan template so it is set up to identify them whenever the scanner runs. Also currently running GSA Version 20.08.0~git.

Any thoughts/feedback from the community? Thanks!

This version is EOL since few years (at least nearly 2 years, the 20.08.0 version might even be older):

and feed compatibility is not guaranteed since longer / it is not guaranteed that the seen problem is not originating from known issue in the software stack.

Please use the more Greenbone Community Edition 22.4 (stable, initial release 2022-07-25) and try again.

Note: Not sure how easy it is to update 20.08 to 22.04 so it might be required to rebuild the scanner host from scratch by following: