OpenVAS Failed logon using Mozilla Firefox in Kali Linux

I have installed Openvas in Kali Linux. When i tried opening with my username/email address and password from Kali linux the login fails. however if i logon in Google chrome outside Kali it works.

What am i missing in Kali Linux mozila firefox?


First of all which version of GSA are you using? Without the any error details we can’t help you. So please describe the error in more details and add possible error messages. Also take a look at the browser console for possible JavaScript errors.

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Version 7.0.3,

After the setup it opens the url for admin login
My problem is i cannot find where the admin username and password in the setup progress on the CLI.

Unfortunately, i cannot upload the process files here as i am a new user.

Kindly assist.
if you require the screen from the command line i can send to you on my email.

you can send me a request to send to you at



please note, that you are using an outdated version. The current GSA version is 9.0, as you can see here

I’m not familiar with the installation on Kali Linux, as this is a uncoordinated integration we do not support here. You may want to contact your package maintainer here.

However, about the admin user: IIRC you can add an admin user for login with following command:

gvmd --create-user=<username> --password=<password>
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