GVM 11 Release

We are happy to announce the new release of Greenbone Vulnerability Management version 11 (GVM-11). GVM is developed for and as part of the commercial product line Greenbone Security Manager. GVM is developed by Greenbone and licensed as Free Software/Open Source.

The source code modules are summarized with downloaded links here:

GVM is published as regularly updated and tested source code releases, the Greenbone Source Edition (GSE).

Notable changes

  • Dropped old scanner communication protocol OTP in favor of using OSP. See https://community.greenbone.net/t/goodbye-otp/1739 for more details.
  • Dropped support for sqlite3. PostgreSQL is the only supported database back-end currently.
  • New menu structure in GSA
  • Explicit compliance
  • TLS certificate assets
  • Allow to edit more filter parameters via the powerfilter dialog
  • OSPd and ospd-openvas are new mandatory components allowing GVM to remotely control an OpenVAS Scanner
  • OpenVAS Scanner has been renamed to OpenVAS (Open Vulnerability Assessment Scanner). With this change the openvassd binary was renamed to openvas and the daemon mode dropped making the openvas binary a command line tool only.

Source Code Release

Installing Source Code

For installation from source code, it is recommended and assumed that you are familiar with the procedure to build and install software from the actual source code.

Both procedures, building from source code release and building from source code repository follow the same common way.

After download enter each main directory and follow the instructions in the “INSTALL.md” and “README.md” files.

Typically you will need to install various missing dependencies such as development libraries. The configuration process tries to help you to find out about what is missing.