How to create and execute a task using PowersShell on Windows?

I am running OpenVAS on Windows using atomicorp/openvas Docke rimage. I can perform tests from the gui. The problem is that I want to perform automated security tests with OpenVAS and Jenkins. For this reason, since our Jenkins setup is running on Windows I need to write the scripts on cmd or powershll. I have read that omp is deprecated, but still it runs inside the container so still Linux.

Could you give me a hint, how could achieve such a functionality?

Any help will be much much appreciated!



moved to the correct category as this problem is not related to Vulnerability Tests at all (Please see the About the Vulnerability Tests category - #2 by cfi - Vulnerability Tests - Greenbone Community Forum description for the purpose of this previous used category).

For your question the resources given in a similar thread below might be usable for your task as well:

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