Trying to Automate OMP CLI

Hey guys, posting for the first time here as I’m trying to get my hands wet with OpenVas.

I’m currently attempting to import a masscan output into openvas for it to run against. I have most of the commands to use via OMP to create the createportlist, then add the additional ports to that portlist with the createportrange command, and then go back and use each port list for every target I have, and finally creating the tasks for each target.

Rather than remaking the wheel here, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or scripts that were already in a working configuration to get this working.

My current idea is to build out a python script that handles the masscan output and then uses the omp commands to generate all the targets with their specific ports that masscan found, and after a bit of research I was thinking of attempting to do this with xmltodic, but I’m not proficient in python (yet). Anyone have any other suggestions for this particular process or the process above?

Thank you for any support!

Please take a look at gvm-tools the successor of omp cli

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Thanks Bricks, that’s a good resource.

I’m seeming to have even less luck finding documentation over gvm though.

Other than the following article, is there any relevant information that has examples for more complicated commands? Specifically I’m attempting to either create a target with a specific port list or modify an already created target with that port list.

Thanks for any help!

Please take a look at various scripts already contained in gvm-tools at e.g.

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