Hostname value is different in CSV and XML scan report

Hi all,

I’m posting this question in this topic following my previous question regarding NVT Timed Out (related to some extent).

I have an automated scan using python-gvm, whereas once the scan status changed to Done, the scan results will be automatically downloaded (in CSV, XML and PDF format).

In the downloaded files, I noticed that the Hostname values in CSV & XML files are different:

1- Result from GSA

2- In XML file, the Hostname is written in detailed following the result from GSA, while;

3- In CSV file, the Hostname is written in the same one value hostname. Do you know if this is intended or there is an issue for this file format?

Thanks in advance!

GVM versions

gsa: v9.0.0
gvm: v9.0.0
openvas-scanner: v2.0.0
gvm-libs: v11.0.0
python_gvm_version: v1.3.0


Operating system: MacOS
Installation method / source: