Greenbone 10 nvt 0/0

Hi all,
I have installed gvmd 8.0.0, gsad 8.0.0, openvassd 6.0.0 on Centos 7.6.1810.
On gvm.log I see:
md manage:WARNING:2019-05-15 12h32.58 utc:5546: database must be initialised from scanner

md otp:MESSAGE:2019-05-15 12h59.11 utc:5299: Waiting for scanner to load NVTs: 20450 / 50764
md otp:MESSAGE:2019-05-15 12h59.21 utc:5305: Waiting for scanner to load NVTs: 42100 / 50764

No error found in any log. In GSAD->Configuration->Scan Config I see few family, 1 or 2, and 0 NVT.
greenbone-nvt-sync is ok. I have 50764 file *.nasl.
Job run quickly and without error but without NVT.
Anyone can help me?
Thank’s in advance

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Hi all,
I have tried everything without success so I have uninstalled greenbone and all his components, done refresh all and db redis, update system (only kernel and python-perf update was downloading) and reboot.
Then I have reinstall all again. Now I see all NVTs in the scanner and job run correctly.
I don’t know why but now it’s works.
Thank’s to all