Scans finish instantly without returning any results

I suspect I am seeing the same issue, but still no solution. I’m running the mrazavi PPA on Ubuntu 18.04 (gvmd 8.0.0 sqlite3, openvassd 6.0.0). When I turn on log_whole_attack, I see ping_host.nasl start, but not finish, then I get the “Test complete” message. Here are the relevant lines from openvassd.conf (excluding the “not launching” messages):

sd main:MESSAGE:2019-05-15 18h21.52 utc:3765: Starts a new scan. Target(s) :, with max_hosts = 2 and max_checks = 2
sd main:MESSAGE:2019-05-15 18h21.52 utc:4739: Testing [4739]
sd main:MESSAGE:2019-05-15 18h21.52 utc:4739: Launching toolcheck.nasl ( against [4740]
sd main:MESSAGE:2019-05-15 18h21.52 utc:4739: toolcheck.nasl ( [4740] finished its job in 0.025 seconds
sd main:MESSAGE:2019-05-15 18h21.52 utc:4739: Launching nmap_nse_net.nasl ( against [4745]
sd main:MESSAGE:2019-05-15 18h21.52 utc:4739: nmap_nse_net.nasl ( [4745] finished its job in 0.003 seconds
sd main:MESSAGE:2019-05-15 18h21.52 utc:4739: Launching ping_host.nasl ( against [4746]
sd main:MESSAGE:2019-05-15 18h21.52 utc:3765: Test complete
sd main:MESSAGE:2019-05-15 18h21.52 utc:3765: Total time to scan all hosts : 5 seconds

The strange thing is that if I create several Ubuntu 18.04 VMs and apt install gvm on all of them, scans will work on one or two.

If I should have started my own thread, I apologize and invite your reproof.


Hi @Karl,

Your issue seems to be different, and maybe related to plugins timeout.

Could you please check the values of plugins_timeout and scanner_plugins_timeout preferences in your scan config & openvassd.conf ? These should be positive numbers.

A fix to catch this error should arrive in the next stable version.

I discovered the very same error as @Karl.

Happy to say that with PR everything works fine again :+1:


Note that the scan config that I received to reproduce this issue, had an erroneous “scanner_plugins_timeout” scan config preference value (“SCANNER_NVT_TIMEOUT” string instead of an actual integer value)

Just for reference, in case someone else has a similar issue.

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I also had scanner_plugins_timeout = SCANNER_NVT_TIMEOUT, so I changed it to 36000, but the behavior remains the same. I have plugins_timeout = 320.

Doing a git pull fixed the problem. Something must have changed in the past few days, because the latest code didn’t fix this issue last Friday.


The PR was merged today so this explains why a git pull from today fixed your problem. :slightly_smiling_face: