Generic Web Scanning, GMP V22.4

Would anyone know how to do this using the python-gvm library. Specifically GMP V22.4?

Here is a link to the GMP functions that you may use to achieve this:

modify_scan_config_set_family_selection() for GMP V22.4: GMP v22.4 - python-gvm

modify_scan_config_set_nvt_selection() for GMP v22.4: GMP v22.4 - python-gvm

The implementation would look something like this code below but will need the
config ID that you want to add/modify and the name of the family or NVT OID to enable.

from gvm.connections import UnixSocketConnection
from gvm.protocols.gmp import Gmp
from gvm.transforms import EtreeCheckCommandTransform

# Auth creds
username = 'foo'
password = 'bar'

# If gvmd is provided by a package of the distribution, it should be /run/gvmd/gvmd.sock.
# If gvmd was built from source and did not set a prefix, the default path can be used by setting path = None.
path = '/run/gvmd/gvmd.sock'
# Create a connection and a gmp object
connection = UnixSocketConnection(path=path)

# Connect and perform task
with Gmp(connection=connection) as gmp:

    # Authenticate
    gmp.authenticate(username, password)

    # Add a specific Family

    # From
    # Selected the NVTs of a scan config at a family level.
    #   `config_id` (str) – UUID of scan config to modify.
    #   `families` (List[Tuple[str, bool, bool]]) –
    #       A list of tuples (str, bool, bool):
    #       str: the name of the NVT family selected,
    #       bool: add new NVTs to the family automatically,
    #       bool: include all NVTs from the family
    #   `auto_add_new_families` (Optional[bool]) – Whether new families should be added to the scan config automatically. Default: True.
    response = modify_scan_config_set_family_selection(config_id, families, *, auto_add_new_families=True)

    # Add a specific NVT

    # From:
    # Modifies the selected nvts of an existing scan config
    # The manager updates the given family in the config to include only the given NVTs.
    #   `config_id` (str) – UUID of scan config to modify.
    #   `family` (str) – Name of the NVT family to include NVTs from
    #   `nvt_oids` (List[str]) – List of NVTs to select for the family.
    modify_scan_config_set_nvt_selection(config_id, family, nvt_oids)
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