Enable generic web application scanning


I was reading a scan report and found that comment in the LOG:

“Generic web application scanning is disabled for this host via the “Enable generic web application scanning” option within the “Global variable settings” of the scan config in use.”

I wanted to enable it. I found a post on the Information Stack Exchange: OpenVAS - how does it know if an SQL vulnerability is open? - Information Security Stack Exchange

It gives clear instructions to copy the scan config for “Full and fast” and then modify it the following settings:

Name: Global variable settings
Family: Settings

I cannot find a “Global variable settings” (see attached image).

Did I do something wrong or is this function depreciated?
Thanks for all your help!

Hello rippledj,

Seems like you missed that the global varibale settings can be found in the family “Settings”. In order to change it, scroll down in the list to the settings family and click the edit icon.

There, you can change the global variable settings:


Great! Thanks~

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