Discrepancy between hosts scanned and hosts created as asset

I’m doing a Discovery of a /24 subnet that has about 40+ printers on it.
The scan report says it discovered 50 hosts, but only shows 4 under the Hosts tab.
Of those 1 is the default gateway, 2 are servers and the 4th one is a label printer.
None of the other printers are showing up as hosts in the report results.

Searching for hosts in the Asset - Hosts view, 9 are listed. The 4 mentioned in the report with a severity of 2.1 (low) and another 5 with severity 0.0 (log)

What is happening here?
I’ve tried the default for Alive test, as well as ICMP+TCP Ack+ARP


If the hosts are discovered in the scan report then changing the “consider alive” test won’t be the problem. I don’t immediately know why the assets aren’t showing up, but if you haven’t checked for a default filter limiting the results that is worth a check.

Finally, this seems to be a persistent problem without a solution since the search of the forum reveals a couple other posts 12without solutions, which is rare for the GB forum; most questions are resolved.