Azure OpenVas VM

Hi everyone,

I am using OpenVas (OVA) VM of microsoft azure, but when I perform immediately scan it interrupts at 0%, I don’t have any error that I can use to figure out. ping @IP works very well.

Thank you for your help.

I think the term “scan interrupts at 0%” will reveal lots of posts from the forum to get you started looking at possible reasons.

For example, its possible the VM is still loading VTs and not ready to scan yet.

As the VM itself is not provided by Greenbone you should also contact the Azure image provider for further support.

As a side note for further new threads: Initially the “Vulnerability Tests” category was chosen, this category should be only used for discussing e.g. the results of VTs / NASL files as outlined in the category description. Other questions like this are completely outside of the category scope.


Ah, ok thank you a lot for your response. I will pay attention next time.

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