Attn: Kali Linux users (September 22 2022)


If you are using Greenbone Community Edition on Kali Linux and have recently encountered a problem with creating users seeing “Failed to create user: Invalid characters in user name” and/or unable to log in to the web interface, please update your installation of Kali Linux to apply patches to get it working again. There is a change in the way some things are handled on the Gnome Library backend, which currently appears when using this combination (Greenbone Community Edition on Kali).

Special thanks to Sophie Brun at Kali Linux for the very quick work in getting this fixed and thank you to the community for bringing the issue to our attention and helping with the resolution. :slight_smile:

More information and details in the following links:

Discussion thread on the Greenbone Community Forum

Kali Bug Tracker

Gnome GitLab