All Scans Interrupted 0%

I have install Kali Linux on a KVM Virtual machine. Kali works fine and gvm loads with no problems. However, all scans fail interrupted at 0%. I disabled IPV6 as mentioned in post but that does not fix the issue. Is there any known fixes for this issue?


to debug a scan issue it is always required to take a look at the logs and the errors tab at the scan report details page.

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Here is the output of the /var/log/gvm/openvas.log

libgvm util:MESSAGE:2023-12-15 14h59.54 utc:3231: Updated NVT cache from version 0 to 202312140912
sd   main:MESSAGE:2023-12-15 15h18.35 utc:20040:9516538f-78e2-4fbd-bc42-a4518d1251ae: openvas 22.7.7 started
sd   main:MESSAGE:2023-12-15 15h18.36 utc:20040:9516538f-78e2-4fbd-bc42-a4518d1251ae: attack_network_init: INIT MQTT: SUCCESS
sd   main:MESSAGE:2023-12-15 15h18.39 utc:20040:9516538f-78e2-4fbd-bc42-a4518d1251ae: Vulnerability scan 9516538f-78e2-4fbd-bc42-a4518d1251ae started: Target has 1 hosts:, with max_hosts = 20 and max_checks = 4
libgvm boreas:WARNING:2023-12-15 15h18.39 utc:20040:9516538f-78e2-4fbd-bc42-a4518d1251ae: set_socket: failed to open ARPV6/ICMPV6 socket: Address family not supported by protocol
libgvm boreas:WARNING:2023-12-15 15h18.39 utc:20040:9516538f-78e2-4fbd-bc42-a4518d1251ae: start_alive_detection. Boreas could not initialise alive detection. Boreas was not able to open a new socket. Exit Boreas.
sd   main:MESSAGE:2023-12-15 15h18.40 utc:20040:9516538f-78e2-4fbd-bc42-a4518d1251ae: Vulnerability scan 9516538f-78e2-4fbd-bc42-a4518d1251ae finished in 4 seconds: 0 alive hosts of 1

In some older posts it is actually mentioned that IPv6 needs to be enabled:


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I’m sure it’s a configuration with your targets. Turn on “Consider Alive” whats happening is before scanning is started openvas will is pinging the systems but if your systems are blocking ICPM packets the ping is not getting a response and is considering the system to be scanned as currently off so it doesn’t start the actual scanning.