Activate LDAP/AD authentication


I would like to know how to configure and activate Active Directory/LDAP authentication with OpenVAS 9. Some working documentations or feedbacks are welcome, thanks.



you can find the relevant documentation on how to configure LDAP/AD authentication in the following documentation:

Thanks for the information. I can see in the documentation that LDAP with SSL/TLS is required to make it work, so this approach is not an option for me. Therefore, I don’t know if it is possible to completely disable user auth with OpenVAS and use Apache auth for example to manage it.

You may implement a reverse proxy, that need to supply the correct data to the GSA.

I have the same question above.

Hello gmourani,

was this already resolved?


Hi guys,

We have tried to integrate LDAP authentication with the GSAD tool. but we are not able to connect to it with our AD credentials.

we integrated it with LDAP successfully, but after creating a user account and when we trying to log user account getting above error.
Do you guys have any idea about this??

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