Use LDAP Authentication without CA certificate

Hi, Can we do LDAP Authentication without implement any CA certificate? Please advice.

also, tell me which certificate I need to attach to it? We have MS 2019 AD

No you always have to use a certificate.

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Also quoting from which is valid for the GCE as well:

The GSM accesses the LDAP host using SSL/TLS. For verifying the host, the certificate of the host has to be uploaded to the GSM. Without SSL/TLS the LDAP authentication will not be accepted

This documentation should also include all necessary information on how to enable and configure LDAP authentication.

Thanks for your help to resolve my recent problem, Thing is in our certmgr we can see a lot of certificates there, Could you please tell us which certificate need to upload to GSM. or do I need to create a new certificate for it?

Please have a look at the previously linked documentation which should explain how to extract and use the required certificate:

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Thanks for helping me to resolve this issue. the thing is when I trying to create new certificate templates showing like below. but these are not accessible.

Do you have an idea about this?

Sounds more like a question for a Microsoft support forums / some one having the knowledge on Microsoft software.