Zombies everywhere - openvassd zombies

I’m seeing quite a lot of zombie scan processes:

# ps auxwww|fgrep "openvassd" | fgrep -c -v defunct
# ps auxwww|fgrep "openvassd" | fgrep -c defunct

Is there an easy way of finding out what kind of scan operation causes these zombie processes?

i see a lot of zombie processes as well, i’m using more than 20 ip-addresses. I tried to use on target with the set of ip-addresses and a set of targets with one ip-address per target.

The situation in master should be improved with the following PR.

A Backport to GVM-10 seems to be outstanding, if this improves the situation you could add your feedback to it:

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For me the zombies occur only if I scan too many hosts at the same time. As workaround I set “Maximum concurrently scanned hosts” to 5 for every task. Than I am able to scan larger IP ranges without hanging processes.

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The following PR might improve the situation as well, feedback to the development team could be given there:

A backport to openvas-6 is open as well:

Another PR related to Zombie processes was merged a few days ago in:

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