YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel
Since April 2019, Greenbone Networks has a YouTube channel in addition to its other social media channels. Here, self-produced videos are collected and made available to the public.

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Internet after Google. So running a YouTube channel is almost as important as running an existing website today. Until now, Greenbone Networks has not been officially represented here. This had the effect that core terms and tags around the world of Greenbone were occupied by other YouTubers.
I.e., if you searched on YouTube for Greenbone, GSM or other core topics, you were referred to the not always correct content of others.
In addition, the channel gives us new opportunities to present ourselves as a company and our product to a broad public. Audio-visual media offer an invaluable value in this context. In addition, it gives us the opportunity to give the company a face. Or many faces, because all the people in our videos are “real” Greenbone employees.

At the channel you will find everything around the topics Greenbone is dealing with: IT security, cyber resilience, critical infrastructures, vulnerability management and everything about Greenbone events, such as the Security Transparent. From day one in English and in German.

We would like to introduce ourselves as a company to the world. We explain our company philosophy by showing the faces behind the “product” Greenbone and collect impressions from trade fairs and events.

We want to focus in particular on our regular formats. On the one hand “One question to …” in which we regularly ask employees to answer a short question. These can come from any area - whether technical or general topics.
On the other hand, " Vulnerability Knowledge " here we break down a vulnerability every month to the simplest and explain it in the shortest possible time. Always an exciting challenge.

And now?
So far more than 90 videos have been collected. Tendency rising. In the future we want to cover even more technical topics, video tutorials and product videos on the one hand and put another focus on the human side of Greenbone on the other hand. Because this is particularly important to us.