Windows Scan authenticated SMB Scan


i am a newbie and try to scan authenticated smb scan on windows Workgroup Server.
For me it’s a test to try out the software from Greenbone.
I have installed the Community Container from Greenbone Community Containers 22.4 - Greenbone Community Documentation
and created my first report with authenticated smb scan.
I have not the feeling that it works correctly.
I deployed a Windows Server 2022 21H2 and installed the Credential.exe on the Windows Server.
After i started a scan, i got no vulns. only 15 Logs and 1 medium and 1 low vulns.
I installed wireshark to capture the SMB2 Traffic and see following statement:
Status_Logon_type_Not_Granted. I have googled for it and found a solution (Allow log on locally) for this but it doesn’t works.
I thought it was the default administrator account, that i have created a new user, but i get the same error.
Have anyone a solution for this issue?

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Hi there,

Are you using the docker containers, and scanning a Windows server?

Make sure you have a domain account that has access to the server you’re scanning. And that you have that saved in the credentials section.
It has to be saved with Username: <user>. Then the Password.

Then when you set up your target, you can use the saved creds for SMB scanning.

Hopefully that helps.

Hello, you can try read the docs about this topic:

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