Why using xml?

Hello everyone.
I was wondering if someone can explain me the advantages of using xml in Gvm-cli.
I like configuring from remote, but I also could login into my gsa and and do everything I need.
So I don’t see a certain advantage about it.

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Yannick Noah

Automation. Maybe I don’t get your question but the purpose of using our GMP interface directly is to do automation.


Yes over the interface it’s automation. And whats the point to use XML over terminal?
I mean sure, I can configure and add port lists, I can define targets and tasks and start a scan… But all this I can do over the interface itself.

Xml is there because gmp communicates this way. So using xml in terminal is more nice-to-have?

I still don’t get what you mean. GMP is the interface for gvmd. You can’t start tasks without using GMP.

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I mean for example this
gvm-cli ssh --gmp-username webadmin --gmp-password password\ --hostname \ --xml "<create_task><name>Scan Suspect Host</name> \ <target id=\"4574473f-a5d0-494c-be6f-3205be487793\"></target> \ <config id=\"daba56c8-73ec-11df-a475-002264764cea\"></config></create_task>"

What is the purpose of using gvm-cli to create a task/target if can do it over the webinterface?
has it a special purpose i am missing, or is it more nicetohave?

As I wrote it is for automation. Imagine you have a DHCP service running. You could create a target and task for each new registered IP address and scan the new system automatically. For more examples take a look at https://github.com/greenbone/gvm-tools/tree/master/scripts


ah, alright got it.
Thank you!