Why does get_results return less vulnerabilities than get_reports?


I am having trouble returning a succinct list of just the vulnerabilities of a single report.
I have tried get_results and get_vulns. By the way, would appreciate if someone can tell me the difference. Either way, the vulnerabilities returned by both methods is much less than that from get_reports. My xml is as follows:

<get_vulns filter='report_id=78b60c32-8dfe-4c1c-ba5b-25f17e36b5d7' details='1'/>"
<get_results filter='report_id=78b60c32-8dfe-4c1c-ba5b-25f17e36b5d7' details='1'/>"

<get_reports report_id='78b60c32-8dfe-4c1c-ba5b-25f17e36b5d7' filter='levels=hml'  details='1' ignore_pagination='1'/>  

GVM versions

gsad: 9
gvmd: 9
openvas-scanner: GVM 11


Operating system: Kali
Kernel: Debian 5.7.17-1kali1
Installation method / source: kali repo

On results vs. vulnerabilities:

A result is specific for a host and a port.
get_results gets you all individual results,
get_vulns gets you each vulnerability exactly once per report, no matter how many times it was found.

I’m not sure about the lack of results compared to get_reports though

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Thanks, that is what I figured, but looking at a single report, each result seems to correspond with a vulnerability. Anyways, I’m trying to filter out all vulnerabilities for further analysis. I’m trying to achieve this through grep and regex. Is there another recommended way to do this? Like I mentioned, only ‘get_reports’, as shown in the code above seems to be showing all vulnerabilities.