Which tools are necessary to use python-gvm

Hi, I want to use python-gvm to make a an API by myself,to do this I need a gvmd.sock to give it to the unixsocket and I know it’s necessary to install gvmd, but I have a little question which tools are necessary to use python-gvm and running openvas scanner and make vulnerability test and get the complete result and output.
In another way I can say if I want to have a minimize version of greenbone and openvas without greenbone interface which packages and tools I should install ?

Welcome! Have you tried to read our Documentation?

(you could just leave out running gsad and gsa, which are the components for the frontend …)

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hi thanks For your responding i read the Documentation and run Openvas with Docker and Building From Source. i know it but is the Optimize Version of the Openvas only doesn’t have the gsa and gsad ?and other Packages and libraries are necessary?

If you don’t want to use the Web UI you don’t need gsad and GSA.